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R&D and Engineering Support System: R&D data output

R&D and Engineering Support System:Sample R&D control planning

Set up a professional production line for sample production

A.Composition of sample preparation personnel :

1 Quality Inspection Engineer , 2 Product Development Engineers,1 PC , 3 Samplers

B.Sample R&D planning:

(1). The sample development report must be reviewed prior to sample preparation.(including QC Drawings)

(2). Production records for each process must be recorded during sample preparation.

(3). After the sample preparation is completed, an analysis report must be made on the sample, and QFEMA must be submitted after formal recognition.

C. Sample production technology transfering

Before the trial production of the new product, the product engineer presides over the trial production briefing and guides the production.

R&D and Engineering Support System:System data maintenance