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Automotive harness is an assembly of cables used in the integration of various electronic components. it helps in transmitting power to different modules in an automotive. It is one of the main components as it handles the complete current flow across all the components of a vehicle including its lights, wipers, electrical devices and other electronic components. The automotive harness facilitates safe, compact and simple functioning of the electronic devices installed in the automobile. ZVKV provides many various wire harnesses for automotives, such as lamp wires, rear-view mirror, GPS wire harness, ADAS wire harness, Auto seat wire harness ,Engine cylinder system wire harness,Dashboard/Cabin Harness,Body & Lighting Harness,Chassis Harness,HVAC Harness,Battery Harness,Airbag Harness,GPS harness,Rear-view mirror detector cable,Auto seat harness,Door Harness,Sunroof Harness and so on.

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