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Instrumentation Cable(Deutsch Connector with many breakouts)


We develop industrial cable assemblies for any kind of equipment, including automated tools that rely on DeviceNet or Ethernet. We custom braid cable to improve abrasion resistance and tensile strength, and can incorporate custom colors to make installation and maintenance easier. Almost every type of connector, including M8 / M12, LEMO and Fischer connectors, as well as waterproof and hermetically sealed connectors, are available. Soldering and crimp joints can be pre-molded, potted and overmolded, providing flexibility and strain relief while increasing stability and durability. We can pot the premold area to increase weatherproofing, create potting fixtures in specific shapes, and pot junction boxes to increase the integrity of the entire system, meeting whatever standards are required, including IP67 waterproofing and IP68 immersion specifications. Overmolding not only improves the integrity of your assembly, it can extend your brand. We can develop custom dies to permanently embed a logo or text into your cable assembly.

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