Quality Assurance System

1.Quality assurance system: Structure

2.Quality assurance system: Quality operation planning

3.Quality assurance system: Quality manage system operation

4. Quality assurance system: Material quality control

5.Quality assurance system: Process quality control

(1).Yield Control :

A. EVT trial production first-pass rate: 90%

B. PVT trial production first-pass rate of 93%

C. Mass production first-pass rate of production line: 97.5%

(2). Employee management:

A. Key positions can only be employed with a qualification certificate.

B. Preparatory training positions are multi-talented, and special circumstances can replace key positions for on-the-job operations.(Training period 7-15 days)

C. Personnel are trained on a regular basis.

(3). Process Control:

A. The first/last sample is confirmed.

B. Spot checklist for key posts is carried out.

C. The IPQC inspection is confirmed.

D. Do CTQ key position audit on the production line.

E. Timeliness of exception handling, preparation of alternatives.

(4). Material Management:

A. Ensure the accuracy and timeliness of daily production materials.

B. Material is positioned at a fixed point to ensure that error-free mixing is used.

C. Production materials are counted regularly to ensure that there are no expired materials,

if there are expired materials, need to be re-checked and re-judged.

(5).Device monitoring:

A. Daily routine confirmation of equipment inspection and maintenance.

B. Wearing parts are confirmed daily, and abnormal parts are replaced and adjusted in time.

6. Quality assurance system: Environmental control

7. Quality assurance system: Quality assurance testing equipment

8. Quality assurance system: Customer service